The Web-Conference I had with my learning partner, Jim Turner was a very enriching experience. We shared our experiences and background with each other and agreed to research on Diversity and Multiculturalism in the classroom. This was something that we had in common from our experience in our own fields. We both teach skills to people from different social, cultural and educational backgrounds, age groups and orientation. So, we thought that it would be a good topic. And so, it was! I have learned so much from this activity. It has helped me manage my own students in my pastry class. Discussing it with Jim was also very helpful. We both found very good articles on our topic and we were able to relate it to our own fields of work. We were able to help each other understand what we needed to do and discussed what we both learned from our articles.
It doesn’t really matter what course we are teaching, electrical or pastry work. The important thing we need to consider is that we live in a world that is constantly changing. Our students are becoming more diverse in different ways. We need to adapt to this and be able to accommodate the different needs of our students in one classroom. As instructors, we need to be more flexible and sensitive to the needs of our students and more creative in transferring the knowledge to our students for them to have a clearer understanding of what we are trying to impart to them by using various instructional tools and strategies. It is definitely more challenging for us instructors to reach-out to a diverse group of adult students as they have different learning abilities. However, we also learn from them a lot as they also have their own experiences that they are able to bring in to the table. Diversity and multiculturalism definitely contribute to the depth and unlimited possibilities of learning.


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