my short insight about PID 3220

It’s my last day in school tomorrow at BCIT for PID 3220. I am somehow feeling relieved but sort of sad. I really enjoy this class! Perhaps, it is why I feel a bit blue because it’ll be over in less than 24 hours. There is so much to learn and tons of information and experiences to go through – learning from my own experiences and my co-learners experiences. It is amazing how we can learn from each other so much! Perfection…. I always wanted to be a perfect instructor. But now, I have realized that perfection isn’t really the goal because we can never be perfect. Otherwise, what’s the point of learning and trying to get better. Instead, enjoy learning and finding new ways to be better and opening my eyes, my heart, my mind to everything. Learning is truly a lifelong journey. I love being a student again. On the other hand, it is great to be able to practice what we learn. Now, I just want to learn to be an effective instructor and continue to share my knowledge in the most effective and efficient way I can. I don’t need to be perfect. Instead work on learning more and share what I learn with my students and stay true to myself!


PIDP 3220

I am starting my journey through PIDP 3220 in April 12…. can’t wait what I am going to learn….

I am so proud of my first graduates and I cannot believe it myself that I helped my students get through their course in Baking and Pastry. SO proud of my students!!!