PIDP 3240

I am on the first week of my new course, PIDP 3240 ( Enhanced Media). For me, this is the most challenging course so far of all the PID courses I have taken. I have done 3100, 3210 and 3220.  Why? I am not very much into technology. I usually get help from my husband and now I have to do it on my own.  I am both excited to learn how to do this on my own and terrified.  I feel I have bad luck with technology. I am usually scared of losing my work in space where I cannot find it. I usually like things to be tangible and visible. However, I am keeping positive that this course will teach me lots and will help me conquer my fears with technology.

So, I have chosen Social Media for my assignment. I am a user of facebook but I have not used it to its full potential.  I don’t even know how to create my account before this course started. My husband made my account for me! I only know how to post my status and photos and keep in touch with my family.  I never really understood how it really works: how I am a part of my alumni class group but I am not their friend and how I can like a page but not be friends, how I can create a page but there is no need to create a new facebook account when my friends tell me to create a page for my baking adventures and it goes on and on with all my questions about facebook.  I never acted on it because I am scared of making a mistake of posting something I don’t want to post.  So, this time, for  my assignment, I created my new account which I want  to keep separate from my personal and family life and keep it professional. ( I actually already made a mistake of “friending” family and friends but I suppose I can clean it up and organize it later).

Here’s an article I would like to share with my fellow “Social Mediaers” in PIDP 3240. I hope you find this interesting and educational.


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