Pinterest by Kimberly Tada

I just created my own Pinterest account!! I looked at the Web 2.0 Tools and realized that Pinterest are one of the most popular Web 2.0 Websites. I have always referred to this website for ideas. However, I didn’t know that I can post and share my own pictures. Actually, I just didn’t know how to do it. This was a perfect time to explore and I am so happy that I can do it now. Pinterest is such an awesome website to get and share ideas with others from any line of interest, hobbies, etc… you can think of… Another website I found that does a similar thing which I believe is another Web 2.0 tool is Creative Juice which I have posted in an earlier post. I just thought that it was a great website to share. Then reading about Web 2.0 Tools I realized it works as such and I am glad to add this to my own knowledge and again there is so much sharing and learning on the web!! This makes me really realize the benefits of learning from PIDP 3240!!

Please have a look at my link


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