Learning teaching naked…


Please find here the link to Jose Bowen’s website. Watching him speak about his philosophy of teaching naked has really inspired me more than ever. I have been reading his book as part of my assignment and now that I come to almost the end of the book, I just decided to google “Teaching Naked”. Well, I am so glad I did because I thought I was learning lots from reading his book already but there is something about watching someone ( him for this matter) that the impact of the message comes across greater for me. I just can’t stop thinking about how I am going to take the baby steps in teaching naked in teaching baking and pastry to my students. I know I can, especially for the lecture parts of the various courses. There are really a lot of great ideas that I have learned and need to try and apply to get my students engaged and to increase more valuable discussions  during classroom time  rather than me doing all the talking. In the kitchen, I will still perform the demos I do because I believe that baking and pastry is taught using the five senses and it is a lot about experiencing to learn and creating meaning through their own experiences. For example, how will a student know the meringue is a stiff peak without actually going through the process and experiencing it ( the feel of it, how it looks like, the consistency) and even making mistakes! But, I know and I am aware now that I can increase the learning in the kitchen lab by incorporating the use of media in their own learning process. In fact, I wasn’t an advocate of Twitter till I started using it now and I can see how this form of social media can truly help engage my students by tweeting pictures of products we will make to get them started to think about it and maybe even research about it.  It is something I really need to look into  especially when it comes to school policy since I also just started teaching at my present job. There’s a lot of possibilities and it is very exciting to think about it and more exciting to try it. I prefer to take small steps and see how it works because I have really been thinking of how to get my students more engaged and to be more proactive in their learning. Therefore, emailing reading assignments, links to websites that will help introduce the topic before we talk about it is a good way to start for me rather than nothing. I do agree that there is a difference between announcing the reading assignment at the end of class and sending an email because the email will have a greater impact as it is written down and students have time to process the information they are reading as opposed to hearing it at the end of class when everyone is getting ready to go home.

There is definitely a place for this new way of teaching and it might be the only way to teach if not the best way to teach in the 21st century. It is time to go forward.

Another link to help me get started and all the low-tech instructors



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