So cool!!!

I am so new to tweeting and blogging ( even if I’ve had this blog for a while since I started my PIDP courses ) that the coolest thing happened to me.  I got a tweet from the author of my textbook “Teaching Naked” in PIDP 3240, Jose Antonio Bowen! An amazing speaker and educator.  Right now, I realize the power of social media. I feel like a fan who got tweeted by a Hollywood Star.

Seriously, I am very happy I am taking this course because it is really enriching my teaching. I am now starting to think of how I can apply a hybrid education in my classroom. Teaching baking and pastry is actually really quite a hybrid format already because of the different teaching media that we use such as, lectures and  demos we do to show how different baking techniques and procedures are done. However,  I need to move to the next step of incorporating the use of technology outside the classroom. I am planning my next  class and I will surely incorporate some of these new ideas about hybrid education and creating an atmosphere of critical thinking in my classroom moving towards a “naked classroom” (Jose Bowen, 2012.).


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