How I made Princess Elsa’s Coronation Night Cake

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4Princess Elsa Cake

I made this very special cake for a very special little girl. We have the same nickname and she is the classmate of my son. From the first day of kindergarten, I was just drawn to Kimi. She was new to the school and her mommy was like any other mom who was sending her first child to a new school. My son has been going to the same school since he was in preschool. So, it was a familiar place to him. So, when her mom kept saying it’s okay Kimi, I couldn’t help but notice because I wondered who is the other Kimi ( since my family calls me Kimmee). So I turned around and saw her. A very sweet little girl. Then, this was the beginning of a wonderful friendship with her mom and the rest of the family.

This is only my second Frozen theme inspired cake. Melissa (Kimi’s Mom) gave me the main color (magenta) she wanted and trusted me with everything else. Honestly, I love making cakes when I have a freehand on the design. It means that I can have a really fun-time making it. I don’t have a little girl and most of my son’s friends are all boys. So, I totally enjoyed making this cake and there was so much inspiration to make it. I wanted it to be magical at the same time grand but not losing its focus on the theme that it is for a sweet little girl. And I wanted that to shine through.

So, let me take you through the process. I posted 5 photos. First, I needed to get the colors right. The pale, icy blue was easy because it was just adding a very tiny amount of blue food coloring and I have made many blue colored cakes of different shades for boy cakes. I needed the perfect blend of pink, red and blue to achieve the Coronation night color, magenta. I matched it with the invitation Melissa herself made. Then, I wanted to see the color contrast. I thought it was a good start. So, I went ahead with airbrushing the icy blue cake with a pearl shimmer to achieve the faint shimmer on the blue to make it look magical and dreamy. The I mixed food airbrush colors to achieve the magenta and airbrushed over the pearly shimmer. Then, there it goes on the blue cake. A contrast of colors! Then, I airbrushed the magenta cake with magenta to give it a sharper finish of elegance. Upon Melissa’s suggestion, I added the white drape over the small cake. I thought it would be a great concept for snow. The rest of the design was just a product of my  playful mind. I wanted it to have the different elements of elegant, magic and dreams at the same time keeping it childlike. So, the airbrushed snowflakes and twisted fondant magenta and white rope helped achieve what I wanted in my final product, as well as, the icy blue dragees and piped white vanilla buttercream and the little Princess Elsa Cake topper.

The cake itself is made of vanilla chiffon with a raspberry buttercream for the bottom tier and the top tier is the all time favorite, chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream. I really wanted the raspberry chiffon cake to reflect the theme of the cake as well. Too bad I don’t have pictures to show.

Lastly, I posted the picture in the fridge because I didn’t measure the height of my fridge and luckily it made it in the fridge after I put the little doll and glued her with buttercream  onto the cake. I just had to take off her crown. But, it all ended well and Melissa and Kimi were very happy.

Learning from my mistakes…..measure the cake’s height. I must have done this so many times but I don’t know why I always take this risk of not measuring tall cakes. Hopefully, this last time will teach me a lesson because it came way too close to not  making it in the fridge without damaging and having to fix it.

Just a small note that the doll I used is an original toddler Princess Elsa toy. So, I don’t think I am breaking any copyright issues here. For myself, this cake is made for non-commercial purposes, anyways. I just had to add this to my blog being aware of Copyright issues after having so much discussion about it.


2 thoughts on “How I made Princess Elsa’s Coronation Night Cake

  1. It was a blessing having you in my life…. Thanks for the cake but more than that thank you for the gift of your friendship and the love and concern you have shown me in mtmy family. I love you big Kimmee ❤️

    • It’s the same for me, Melissa! You are all a true blessing to me and my family, too! I will always remember that first day of school in kindergarten, I made a very special friend. God’s Blessing! Next cake up… Olaf:)

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