My Funny Little Snowman Cake and Realizations in Baking at Home

Olaf Cake

Here’s my interpretation of Olaf, the snowman! It isn’t a Frozen theme party without Olaf.  This is Kenzo’s ( Kimi’s little brother who also celebrated his party with his big sister and this is what he wanted for his cake) favorite cartoon character right now. He’s a sweet little boy who is just as playful as Olaf. So, I naturally had to make this Olaf cake this way… the way Olaf is in the movie… always getting himself detached from his body from all the tumbling and running and falling in the snow. Funny, fluffy and snowy but warm little snowman. All represented in this small cake. I hope you get my analogy with his head and legs separated from his body, marshmallows, earmuffs and scarf and white and blue colors and chocolate arms for twigs. Let your imagination take you back to the playful scenes and heartfelt warmth of Olaf in the movie. Kenzo is just that!

This cake is made with love as I hardly ever make faces because I feel that it is not my strength. However, I am beginning to enjoy making funny cartoon faces. My first were Ninja Turtles made for another special boy, my son’s friend Alexander. I am learning as I go and make these faces. There is always something to learn and discover in the kitchen as I create these specialty cakes which we rarely made in the hotel when I was a pastry cook because labor is too expensive and our time was more devoted to production and more gourmet style cakes. Our design and decorating skills were practiced more by making chocolate showpieces that would be displayed in the lobby for Christmas and other festive occasions. Besides, these theme cakes are probably best not sold by a hotel because of copyright issues. On a side note, my theme cakes are made for friends and family and not made for commercial purposes. So, I am trying my best not to break any copyright laws on this one.

As an instructor in pastry and baking, I am still learning everyday and honing my skills. I keep my skills sharp by making cakes at home for family and friends and I find it a great opportunity to explore and try out things I haven’t done. I mean, it really takes a lifetime to do all that can be done in this exciting world of pastry.

Also, I teach in a community center and I like teaching them more practical skills that they can surely make on their own at home. So, I have been baking and experimenting more at home so I can give my students at the community center more practical advice for baking at home. All these years baking in the hotel kitchen and pastry schools, I can say that baking at home is somehow different from the physical limitations to  equipment and everything in between in an average home. Therefore, I am learning new tricks to share to my home bakers by baking more at home myself.  I always used to think that  I can’t do it because I need a fully equipped hotel kitchen and tools to make something. Now, I am glad to share with home bakers the tricks that I use at home and tricks that I know in the industry setting.


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