My Last thoughts about PIDP3240 but more blogs to come

It’s been a whirlwind of research, reading, posting, tweeting, pinning, blogging and writing for me the last 7 weeks. I am no writer, so, all these writing have been a very big effort for me to do. Sitting in front of the computer is not my favorite thing as I would rather do something in the kitchen with my son. However, it has all been worth every single moment of it. I learned so much in this course! It’s such a self-directed learning course and I am glad I have some self-discipline to do this. Thanks to my very rigid study habits established in my younger years. That is probably why it was my dream to teach way back when I was in pastry school.  Sometimes, I still cannot believe that I am teaching. I have truly enjoyed learning all that I have in PIDP 3240 because I think I have conquered some of my fears in technology and being in social media. I wish there was a part two, so, I could learn the digital media which I have not explored much at all. This is the next step for me. I have to do it on my own now.

In this course, I realized so many things about the impact of technology in the classroom or better yet, taken out of the classroom and saving those precious times for more meaningful discussions promoting critical thinking skills which our students need to learn for the sake of their future lives. Of course, I still believe there is no black or white, grey is sometimes good, just like a hybrid. Basically , what is most important is what we take from this course and how we can slowly make the adjustments in our daily teaching life. Curriculum development is an iterative process ( from my PIDP 3210 instructor, Roselynn Verwoord) and so is teaching. Some strategy may work in one group one day and not on the other. So, it is a constant change and adapting to different situations and so should our teaching styles.  It can’t be just one way and not the other. In this fast changing world,  I think learning to adapt is so very important.

Anyways, what do I do now? I take all that I have learned now and continue on this journey of learning to be an instructor. Hoping that I will make a difference one day now matter how small it is. I will keep on learning and upgrading my skills and most importantly sharing it to the learning community and inspiring young bakers, cooks, decorators, etc in this pastry and baking and culinary world. I do love learning and sharing and this is what keeps my passion for teaching my favorite thing in the world – baking and pastry making!

Thank you to all my classmates in PIDP 3240 and especially the social media’ers in this course. Thank you for all the great discussions, sharing, and tweeting. It has been an amazing last 7 weeks. I only wish for us to stay connected. Good luck to all everyone’s endeavors. Thanks for introducing us to this course and guiding us, Brian – our PIDP 3240 instructor.



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