Using Pinterest… More thoughts to share with my PIDP 3240

I think, I still have a few more thoughts and things to share with PIDP 3240. I thought my “Last Thoughts.. ” blog  would be my last blog. But, no, it is not. It just goes to show that learning and sharing doesn’t end even if the class is about to end. So, I’ll take this last few days as an opportunity to share a bit more.

I am really enjoying the Pinterest board I created for my Plated Desserts Class this week. I just started it today and they have all accepted my invitation very quickly and I have 9 pins already from them today. Amazing what this web 2.0 tool can do! I posted my comments and encouraging them to do so and learn from each other’s work and comment on each other. This is great for this purpose and its a free discussion board for the class. I have given my feedback on their work in class but realized that I missed certain points and I was able to do that on this board. I reserve the more constructive feedback for improvement face to face and I put the positive comments I was not able to address on the board. I just feel that posting it on their “pinned” work would be a nice boost for them. I totally believe in encouragement at this point in their learning because I believe in growth as they progress in their pastry careers.

So, here’s a link to their Plated Desserts Board:

I realized that it is such a wonderful feeling to see all their work “pinned”.

I am a very happy and proud  teacher of my students’ works.

Also, another realization on my part is that I don’t need to take pictures of all their work now for grading because I make them own this activity by pinning it themselves, promoting responsibility and ownership of their work. For everyone in the class, including me, we save  storage space  on our phones because this is a place where we can just log in and see everyone’s work in one place.

I am sharing it with the other instructors , too. I am grateful for PIDP 3240 because this course pushed me to do something I normally wouldn’t do because I am afraid of using technology because of my own fears or mental blocks about using technology.

This is just the beginning now and certainly not the end of my journey.


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