My Pinterest Board Works!!!

I am really so happy to share that the board I created for my Plated Desserts class works!!! I think it is awesome that my students are pinning their work on this board and it is free for all of them to see what they are all doing. It’s a very busy kitchen with 18 students focused on presenting their creations for their menu design for their “restaurant”. They choose the theme of the restaurant, place, location and craft a dessert menu suited for their theme. This is their opportunity to experiment, go on an adventure and I say “play” and let their minds and hands work together to build the flavors and bring it to life on each plate. So, they don’t have the chance to really look at each other’s work and this is where they can take the time and learn from each other’s work. In just 2 days, they have pinned 37 plated desserts!!! Amazing source of ideas! I put my comments and  realized that by doing this, I also gave myself the chance to see their work from a different perspective.  The last 2 days, I believe, I was able to spend more time with each student and I was able to generate more discussions after looking at their pinned works. I value those moments that I created with my students.

Please have a look at this link but get ready to crave and want something from this menu.

I believe this culminates my PIDP 3240 course. I learned so many new things regarding use and impact of technology in teaching. The course is ending for me, but, it is truly just the beginning. I can’t wait to apply what I have learned in this course in my coming classes. I see the value and impact of social media in the classroom and used properly, it can really be a good thing. Technology… got to take the good with the bad, create a balance, use it wisely, create those valuable moments of learning and share experiences with the students following the principles of Dr. Jose Bowen’s, “Teaching Naked” will surely enhance teaching in this “Google Generation”.


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