PIDP Capstone

I have finally submitted my last assignment for my last PIDP course… My Capstone!!! I have come full circle with this program. It has been a challenge but a great journey learning how to teach in Adult Education in the 21st Century. Times have changed since I was  a baking student myself, even if that was not too long ago…

Teaching and Learning is truly a lifelong journey. “One stops living when one stops learning”.  I can’t remember where I got this quote from or if I just made it up right now. One thing is for sure, I definitely don’t want to stop learning and I will definitely do my best to make learning fun for my baking and pastry students!!! Thanks to all my PIDP instructors for being inspiring and encouraging.

I have not had an entry in my blog since my last online PIPD course. However, I consider this day my last day since I just handed in my assignment. So, it just feels right to write a short entry on my last day.




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