About me

HI, I am Kimberly Tada and I am teaching Baking and Pastry at Vancouver Community College. This is my 4th course in PIDP. I was planning to take PIDP 3230  but I decided to take this course first. SO, I have used this blog for my PIDP 3100 course and as advised by my professor to keep it going for my future classes. So, I have and I am happy I did because of I am able to use it for the course, PIDP 3240. Also, now that I am using my blog actively again. I am happy to learn new things. In 3100, I also used this blog to save links for sites(resources) that I believe I want to keep and use in the future. In between, I used it to post some thoughts and my journey in my first year and half of teaching. So, I have given my blog a new fresh look for 3240 and I will focus on the use of Social Media which is my assignment for PIDP 3240 and sites that I find interesting in my own field. Actually, I am just happy that I realized and learned that I have figured out how to edit this section (About me) of my blog to make it more relevant to my current course. There is so much to learn doing this. I feel l am learning a new skill ( on how to work on my own BLOG ) everyday!!! … how to link it to Twitter, FB, etc… I have lots to learn and do.