Learning in PIDP 3240

I am towards the end of my PIDP 3240 journey. It has been a most enriching process of learning for me. I have always been intimidated by technology and this is a course on using technology. So, I had a lot of fears entering this course. Well, now, I have come to realize so many things. One, I am not that intimidated anymore. I am actually able to apply my learning and I am eager to use it on a daily basis and to try to incorporate it more in my daily teaching life. I realize that I can teach myself to do things like create my own Pinterest Account which I did being in this course. It was not a requirement but I just wanted to do it for the sake of my own learning and conquering my fears. Well, I am so happy I did it on my own without help from anyone. There’s still so much to learn and I know I need to organize my board and classify my pins. But, it ‘s a start and I am committed to it now since I put myself out there. I am also starting to use and apply my knowledge on teaching naked from reading our textbook and researching on it. I am actually exploring the use of YouTube in my teaching and sending students links before we discuss topics. I find it most useful because they can watch demos on YouTube and learn the different techniques that I am not able to show them all because of lack of time in the kitchen lab. However, I am able to create more time for them to practice it and I am there as their facilitator to help them out as I go around the kitchen  lab as they practice their skills.

I realize that there is just so much I can use as teaching tools and it is a great opportunity to teach at this day and age where we have so much resources available to us. It is overwhelming! Yes, but I choose to turn it into a positive experience and learning to focus on learning one thing at a time.  When I think of it this way, it becomes an amazing learning experience for me.

Therefore, slowly, I know I am progressing. I really enjoy teaching and I know that to become a more effective teacher I need to equip myself with all these tools. In fact, I believe now, that teaching has never been more exciting, knowing there is so much I can do as a teacher presented with all these resources. It is now a matter of doing it and practicing it.

This has been a great learning journey for me. I know that there is more to come. I also know that when I am stuck, I know what to do. It’s just one or a few clicks away…



I just wanted to share my experience in class this past week. It was a really good week for me. I have found a new appreciation for my students. I believe, I am also becoming more comfortable in my new role as an instructor. Taking this course, is really helping me a lot in dealing with various challenges that I face.

Why I chose this topic

My partner and I chose Diversity and Multiculturalism in Adult Education. We both work in the trade industry and found that this was something we shared in common. He has been involved in training apprentices from different cultures and backgrounds for many years in his career as an electrician. I am a pastry chef instructor and I encounter diversity and multiculturalism everyday in school. We both found this relevant in our training and teaching careers. Learning more about this topic has certainly helped both of us understand our roles as educators in this rapidly changing and diverse world.